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June 27, 2013

Leadership Freak Rubbing the Genie  Despite the suggestive title, this encapsulates the essence of Dilbert.  “Subordinates tolerate your annoying habits and ignore your poor performance – to your face.”  Rubbing the genie is telling those in power exactly what they want to hear.  That’s just a recursive cycle of suck.  No one wins.  

Leadership Development Seven Disciplines that Make Leadership Development Stick I’ve been in the business classes taught by senior management.  Their teaching and the material are great.  I’m fired up!  We’re refocusing our energy toward success!  Soon though, it’s clear that the book was metaphorically dumped into the trash moments after the class ended.  You wasted days getting the training ready, and I wasted a day listening to unused advice.  Change is hard to sustain but leaders know that the need to keep their team and the organization moving forward.

Zen Habits I Failed Failure sucks.  It hurts.  We have all failed, sometimes spectacularly and publicly.  How you respond to the failure defines the rest of your life.


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